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Reflen's mission is to optimize how the world works by understanding employee needs and enabling informed action in real-time.

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About Reflen

Our belief is that understanding your employees needs creates a better business. Reflen was founded on the idea that learning about and understanding user intentions can inform a higher value connection and engagement. Reflen /ˈrēˌflēn/ stands for reflective learning, referring to what Confucius (551 BC-479 BC) held as the highest or noblest form of learning. We believe in lifelong learning, fast iteration, ownership and autonomy, not always taking the safe path, and informed decision making unobstructed by fear or greed.

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Our Team

Homer Quan


Homer is a TechStars alumnus where he built the technologies and team as the Chief of Architecture. He also worked at Yahoo in various flagship projects focused on News and Search. He has published research papers and worked on open-sourced projects about web and data analysis.

Homer Quan - Co-founder

Jim LaMarche


Jim spent a portion of his career building out Cisco’s Sales and Partner Channel groups. He also held roles in Global Business Development, Operations and Corporate Finance. Jim has a deep understanding of owning and operating a small business of his own and is a licensed Coast Guard Captain (OUPV).

Jim LaMarche - Co-founder

Our Mentor

Liu Qiang

Mentor on Machine Learning

Qiang Liu is an Assistant Professor at UT Austin. His research area is machine learning and statistics, with interests spreading over the pipeline of data collection (e.g., by crowdsourcing), learning, inference, decision making, and various applications using probabilistic modeling.

Liu Qiang - Mentor on Machine Learning

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