Making your software more intelligent

Enhance decision making and improve productivity by bringing data and insights to your employees while they work.

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Author new experiences within your current software and workflows.

Reflen is an intelligent layer that allows your experts and AI to deliver information right at the time of need.

Get More from your people and data

Allow your people to:

  • 1
    Make more informed decisions within the flow of work
  • 2
    Be more productive and spend less time looking for education, content, advice
  • 3
    Find satisfaction within their digital work environment

Reflen is lightweight and drives immediate value.

Business experts control the experience without IT infrastructure management

Intuitive authoring tool that requires no coding.

Installs with one line of code

Platform extends easily for small & large deployments

Use Cases

Employee Referral optimization

Hiring Management experience

Management coaching

Learning in the flow of work

Student applications

Patient intake

Enhancing the way the world works and learns

We believe in the pursuit of lifelong learning as a means to affect the human condition at work. Every day we strive to learn more about our customers, ourselves and our solutions. Enabling enhanced digital experiences that teach, coach, and deliver value to employees helps change the nature of work itself.

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Making your software more intelligent

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