Reflen, stands for “reflective learning”

Our company name Reflen, stands for reflective learning, referring to what Confucius(551 BC-479 BC) held as the highest or noblest form of learning. He also made reference to two other methods of knowledge acquisition: Imitation and Experience.

At Reflen, we have built a robust Machine Learning platform that incorporates all three levels of learning. However, it is the ability of our integrated system (with NLP, web, in-memory data processing) to reflect that makes us truly unique.

We describe the four functions of our Reflective Learning platform as SURE: Sensing, Understanding, Reasoning and Engaging. These core services allow us to gain a deep understanding of our customer and their interactions with their customers.


Homer Quan

Co-founder and builder

Jim LaMarche

Co-founder and communicator

Liu Qiang

Mentor on Machine Learning


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