Reflen is an end-to-end solution of adding AI to real-time engagement

An intelligent layer on top of applications for sensing, understanding, reasoning, and engagement.

Delivery future user experience

Reflen builds conversational interfaces and beyond to extend your brand and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Enhance decisions of workforce

Accumulate data and knowledges and use them in the future. Save on tranining and improve service quality.

Learn without massive data

Learn high-level decisions from real scenarios and interactive mimicking with or without big data.

Intelligent engagement as a service bootstrapped by just one line of code

Focusing on your own business. Leaving complex data, AI infrastructures of sensing, understanding, reasoning, engagement to our backend cloud services.

How it works


systematically captures online behavior and natural language


analyzes behavior to capture context and customer intentions


uses context and understanding to inform your decision making process


delivers real-time response in the form of natural language or action