Optimizing online engagement, doing more with less

Reflen helps you to engage online visitors faster, better, and smarter. Our technology can discover valuable conversations, suggest messages or actions, and accumulate knowledge. Its optimization generates the greatest return while minimizing costs and customer dissatisfaction.

Adding A.I. has never been easier

By adding just one line of code, your business can enjoy real-time Behavior Understanding and Customer Engagement. Our platform understands your customer’s behavior, in the moment, and can take actionable response using Augmented Intelligence.

Products for both big and small business

A plug and play A.I. service that enhances real-time engagement by collecting intentions and suggesting answers via natural language understanding.

The complete version of our cognitive platform which has real-time actionable engagement, deep behavior understanding, and continuous interactive learning.

Compatible with plain html and CMS (over 100 million sites).

Big help even without big data

Our widget collects data on it's own. It's a great fit for small businesses that don't have large datasets.

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Accumulating and managing knowledge

Our platform accumulates knowledge from your daily use and is designed to manage it for the long term.

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From analysis to action in seconds

Track customer activity and extract their intentions with real-time event streaming. Using our proprietary in-memory data platform, you can respond in seconds.

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